Multiple file Upload using Apache Commons and JSP

Hi Friends,

Recently i was in a situation where i needed  to upload multiple files at one go in jsp.(Not Servelet 😦  )

So here is the simple code I’ve made to upload Multiple Files to Desired Folder at Server.

index page

Db Page :


Feel free to comment if you have any doubts.

If liked please share.

Thanks 🙂


Send Emails through JSP(Java server Page)

Hi , Every one Today we are going to learn a simple jsp code to send email .

There might me n no. of situations where in you may require to a page where in you need to send email.

Following code might save you

To achieve this we require two libraries

  1. mail-1.4.1.jar
  2. activation-1.1.1.jar

I’ll leave the links below so you download them.

So the code

The code itself is self explanatory.
Just insert the

  • authAddress with the sender email id
  • authPassword with the sender password
  • smtpServer with your smtp server address
  • smtpPort    with your smtp server port
  • subject   with subject for your email
  • email    with the receiver email address

And run , it will start shooting emails as you click on Send

You can download both the JAR from the GitHub Link.

Else you can clone the Project

git clone

Feel free to comment 🙂