Circular array

An array is called circular if we consider first element as next of last element.

Here is the simple program for it:



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Script to Download whole website

Hey friends,

Recently I developed a project where in required to download the whole website for offline usage.

As I’ve a linux based OS i’d the option of using httrack was cancelled.

So quickly i wrote a script to download using the wget command.

Java program of taking Input.


Today we are going to learn to take input in Java.

import java.lang.*

class Solution


public static void main(String arg[])


Scanner sc = new Scanner (;

String a =sc.nextLine();

int b =sc.nextInt();

Double d = sc.nextDouble();

System.out.println(“Value of String is :”+a);

System.out.println(“Value of Integer is:”+b);

System.out.println(“Value of Double is:”+d);


So in the Above program we take input in Java using the Scanner Class Utility.

Inorder to take input for various Datatype we need to use scanner object as

For Integer :


For Double:


For Boolean:


For String

nextLine() or Simply next()

Compile the program and see the output